B is the word.

By , on June 21, 2012

C Word

Just to clear this up, for all you computer people.

Last time was “re-install OS and restore from backup”.

This time is “install a different OS”.

Next time is “migrate to the cloud”.

Got it?



5 Comments to “Metaphorically”

  1. Victoriano Giralt says:

    Love the metaphor :-) :-) Specially being an MD turned computer geek. And being the opensource bloke I am, I fully second Paul S 😉

  2. Bonnie Butler says:

    Love and hugs to you. Bonnie and Kit

  3. Nick Roy says:

    I hear they can make pluripotent stem cells from skin cells now. Is that like booting Gentoo off a 1.44M floppy, downloading 20GB of source and compiling a clean OS?

  4. Paul Sussman says:

    Maybe if you went with something open source we could all tinker with it.

  5. Paul Hoffman says:

    I believe that different OSs can be installed. Yes, changing OSs more than once is painful, but it works for some folk. Just sayin’…

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