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By , on June 30, 2012

C Word

I’m still alive.

On Friday June 29 I was admitted to UW Hospital’s RehabilitationWing (pretty much the same location as 2 years ago) . This admission was due to the fact that (a) like two years ago, I am unable to swallow, and (b) I have a fever (38 degrees °C, about 101 °F).

Something different this time is that I have succumbed to the suggestions of UW Hospital staff and started taking lots of morphine. This has two effects. One is that I started writing this post at about 9AM this morning, and have been working on it more ore less continuously since then, and it seems to be not done yet. The other is that I have no idea whether it makes any sense.

Anyway, yesterday I was put on TPN, Total Parenteral Nutrition, aka “steak and eggs in a bag.”  So at this point just about everything comes to me in a bag. World of the Future. I guess the pain came to me in a bag to start the whole thing off so it’s only fair.

It’s Day 9, so things may start to change soon. Whether they’ll change for the better is the big question.

Also, my hair is now starting to fall out. Good times.


5 Comments to “Essentials”

  1. My understanding is that RLBob passed away earlier this week. We’re all so incredibly saddened by this news.

    See also..



  2. Eve Perara/Wife says:

    Against all our hopes, dreams and wishes Bob has

    “migrated to the cloud”

    10/29/54 – 7/12/12 (1:10am) With so much in between.

  3. Lucy says:

    Hair and morphine are both over- rated. Hand in there.

  4. Molly says:

    Uncle Bob,

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling like crap. I hope you were with it enough to watch the euro cup final yesterday, although it wasn’t much fun to watch in my opinion. If Italy had been injury free, I think they could have put one in the back of the net. Now that the tournament is over, Seth doesn’t really know what he’s going to do with the rest of his time. Anyhow, we are hoping and praying you feel better soon.

    Cheers, Molly

  5. Bonnie Butler says:

    morphine good pain go away!

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