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By , on June 19, 2012

C Word

Just a quick update. The first four days of chemo have gone quite OK. I have been feeling pretty good. Today I even took a shot at Baguettes à la Bouabsa and they turned out almost like the pictures. Also tasty when dipped in split-pea soup, the perfect thing for a cold drizzly almost-summer day in Seattle.

Mike’s stem cell inducement is going well too. The transplant team are very impressed by the counts he’s putting up. Good thing, because if he didn’t, I’d be rather out on a limb, wouldn’t I? As we say in the risk management biz, it’s all risk management.

Meanwhile my family is taking the opportunity of having me out of the kitchen (mostly), and having a guest, to show off their culinary chops. Father’s Day dinner was grilled T-Bone steaks, grilled veggie skewers, potato-leek soup, home garden salad, and chocolate-hazelnut tart. And I didn’t do any of it. This is the life.

The one big problem is that the scheduling of all this treatment terribly impairs my ability to watch any of the Euro2012 soccer tournament. I’ve been getting infused during game times, in nice rooms on the 5th floor of SCCA with decent TVs with lots of channels. They have CNN, they have TBS, they have ROOT, they even have QVC. Do they have ESPN? No they do not. “Didn’t come as part of the deal” someone said.

No problem, I should be able to get to the video streams via ESPN3 on the web, right? And validate my access rights via federated signon to my Comcast account, which is totally cool. The signon works, but the video doesn’t, most likely due to some firewall blockage on the SCCA guest network. And getting firewall changes is harder than getting a transplant.

So, smart phone has video and 4G, right? In theory, theory and practice are the same; in practice, they’re not. Phone connectivity sucks in the infusion rooms (wifi is good), and ESPN3 apparently doesn’t have a deal with Sprint to carry their bits, so too damn bad. The world is not in fact anything like those ads on TV. Who knew?

Anyway I’m not making tournament predictions. I’m not. OK, looking forward to Spain-Germany final. That’s all I’ll say. But there’s always Greece …

(And lest I forget, a big shout out to my Andalucian pal Victoriano, who arranged for a colleague to carry delicious local almond-chocolate treats from Málaga to my door. Foodie geeks rule.)


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  1. Lucy says:

    Glad to see you have your prioritues straight – food and football!

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