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By , on June 14, 2012

C Word

I didn’t fully appreciate until today that the conditioning I’ll be getting in the runup to the transplant is yet another clinical trial. This is because pretty much any treatment for MDS at this point is a trial. And that is because MDS is the coolest new celebrity disease, as of this week. And getting a transplant from one’s sibling is what everyone is doing this season. I am waiting for pix of pimped-out Hickman catheters.

Anyway the clinical trial info from NIH is: http://clinicaltrials.gov/show/NCT00860574

And from Fred Hutch: http://www.seattlecca.org/clinical-trials/transplant-2272.cfm?ProgramID=38

Note that “this study is currently recruiting participants.” Sign up today! Or, assuming you don’t qualify, let me join Robin Roberts in suggesting that you consider signing up at the Be The Match Registry. Robin and I were lucky to have sibling donors but not everyone is. And if you’re into Identity Registries then it is just professional courtesy.

Up until fairly recently I think BeTheMatch was called the National Bone Marrow Registry. I guess they decided they needed a catchy name to appeal to a more attractive demographic, that is, people under 60. Another part of the strategy, naturally, is exploiting social media. There’s a site called mySocialStrand that apparently tries to connect DNA-linkage to social networks. It is probably fairly cool, but I can’t recommend it, or use it, due to an odious choice they have made regarding identity. Oh well.

Anyway, today’s news is that I got my Hickman in yesterday and it’s fine, not even painful. It worked well today for a blood draw, so I didn’t have to be poked. Today’s ration of pain was last-minute teeth-cleaning. I’m headed to the airport in a few minutes to pick Mike up. Appointments tomorrow start at 7AM, chemo at 9 and 11 …


3 Comments to “2272 1337”

  1. rlbob says:

    Actually the product I’m using is Aquaguard, http://www.cenorin.com/aquaguard_disposable_secondary_dressing_for_showering-frequently_asked_questions.html (still looking for those ad dollars from this blog, y’know). But yeah, prints on big bandages. Perfect for the election season, speaking as a catheterized-American.

  2. Lucy says:

    So, maybe we could get these: http://www.liquashield.com/ and screen them with cool tattoos? Being from the NorthWest, I would
    “put a bird on it” but a pirate theme or football team logos would work….

  3. Jamie Clark says:

    Bob, good luck tomorrow. And nice crossreference to identity registries!
    Still: if the show “Pimp My Catheter” ever does actually turn up on cable, Hickman or not, it’s clearly time to take a fire axe to my TV.

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