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By , on November 18, 2011

C Word

Alternate titles:  Pneumonia Month, A Turn for the Worse.

Since having a bad pneumonia day a couple of weeks ago I had been getting better, but the hammer came down again this past Tuesday (Nov 15) when I started coughing a lot. By Wednesday morning I was once again collapsed on the couch with a fever.  Eve called SCCA and we went in that afternoon. At one point my temp was up to 104°F (40°C) which is cause for alarm. I was started right away on hydration and antibiotics, but it was clear that this was more than we could handle at home so I was taken by “medical transport” (aka ambulance; my third such trip so far) to UW Medical Center Hospital (just a couple of miles away) for a nice stay.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t go to Taiwan. Though maybe the warm wet tropical climate and hot stuffy meeting rooms full of shouting nerds would have been just the thing. Maybe not.

Also, just to report, this past Monday (Nov 14) I was supposed to get my next round of R+B+T chemo. But I didn’t, because my platelet count (56K) was too low (spose to be 75K). We’re waiting until next week, which is supposed to be the max waiting time (6 weeks) according to the clinical trial rules. It’s all up in the air at this point.

I’ve been getting more hydration and antibiotics here in the hospital. They also offered me all the medications I was taking when I was here last year after my transplant (this is Day 541, by the way), oddly enough. As I write this from my hospital bed on Friday I’m much better (a unit of red cells certainly helped; my hematocrit was 24) still coughing but quite a bit less. No fever or pain, eating and drinking, moving about, blogging (which uses more calories than running a triathlon, I hear). But several test results remain to be seen, and my fever has to be down for 48 hours. Plus they always keep you longer than they say. So maybe I’ll be home tomorrow, maybe Sunday.

I’d be anxious to get home in any case of course, but especially so now because of the presence of our new puppy Oliver. He arrived, as it happens, on the same day I took my wrong turn, i.e. Tuesday. Hmm. More about that in the next post.

Also, regarding “Occupy”, my palatial hospital room looks down on the Montlake Cut, which is right near where the Nov 17 Occupy-associated  “Jobs Not Cuts” demonstration took place yesterday. I couldn’t quite see it from my window, and at that point I couldn’t get out of bed much anyway. Too bad I couldn’t be there.

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