B is the word.

By , on June 10, 2010

C Word

In approximate likely chronological order:

  • Eating solid food (already done, though only if you count hospital food).
  • Not having to spit all the time (also mostly there).
  • Not being constantly attached to my buddy the infusion rack (note TPN in upper left):

  • Not having my output saved and scrutinized.
  • Wearing my own clothes instead of the hospital PJs (why exactly do I need to wear 2XL pants?).
  • Breathing fresh air.
  • Giving the dog a belly rub:

  • Getting something good to drink from my own fridge.
  • Sleeping in my own bed, next to my wife.
  • Enjoying that Seattle sunshine.
  • Going for a walk in Ravenna Park:
  • Taking the dog for a walk.
  • Watching maybe a little sports on my own TV.
  • Enjoying a home-cooked meal with my family.
  • Making a morning caffe latte for Eve, my caregiver.
  • Baking (and eating) some good bread:
  • Riding my exercise bike.
  • Eating pizza.
  • Driving.
  • Making a morning caffe latte for myself.
  • Not having to take so many damn pills.
  • Watching my daughters play soccer:
  • Going to the farmer’s market.
  • Not having a next scheduled appointment at SCCA.
  • Going back in to the office.  What, you don’t like your job? I love my job.
  • Riding my real bike:
  • Eating a properly-cooked steak.
  • Having my eyelashes back.
  • Getting my Hickman catheter out.
  • Combing my hair.
  • Eating a good burrito.
  • Going to a Sounders game (hi Nathan):
  • Having a beer.
  • Traveling by plane, perhaps to see my far-flung colleagues.
  • Finishing that long-delayed backyard wood-fired oven.
  • Eating sushi.
  • Skiing at Silver Star:
  • Living many cancer-free years.

7 Comments to “Things to look forward to”

  1. Pascal says:

    Nathan emailed me last night about the European Identify thing (the award and Nathan the person). I started reading the posts in chronological order and got about halfway over here in GMT+1. So I went to bed with lots of UW C&C and Seattle memories flying around in my head (one was about a note I got on the bus from a gay dude that I subsequently stuck inside a book in Nathan’s apartment. The note I mean.) Woke up this morning and saw a shiny (1) in Google Reader. I confess: I went straight for it and skipped all the posts before it (I will read those too, honest.) I read this great post and I find myself smiling and fist pumping like Rafa in Paris, or like that guy in the Matrix when Neo is in a jam and it doesn’t look like Neo will make it but then Neo starts flying like Superman and makes it after all. Now I’m off to work, back to the software factory. I will be a great day. Thanks!


    PS. I predict Spain will win it because the they have superstars at every position on the field, including not one, but two, superstar strikers.

  2. RW Bob says:

    All of ’em Bob – I wish for you to get all of ’em.

    But base on my experience, the combing the hair thing will probably not be terribly long lived.

    But eyelashes would be good.

    And I am looking forward to some of that bread. Need help stacking bricks?

  3. Renee Shuey says:

    and so it shall be….wishing all of those things for you, your wife, and daughters…and more. No better way to put life in perspective for all of us. Thanks.

  4. eve says:


  5. Gettes says:

    And maybe not having colleagues and friends worry about you so much. It is so good to see you write this kind of entry than those you have been writing. Again, I send you nothing but good wishes and good health.

  6. Lucy says:

    Yay! but good luck with that Seattle sunshine thing – overcast and raining here in Blu’gene

  7. Steve Carmody says:

    Clearly, you’re getting cranky — which is another milestone — a great one to have reached! (I’m surprised it wasn’t in your list…)

    Achieving cranky means — that all those “things” that you’ve been seriously worried about for the last weeks and months are no longer at the top of your worry list.

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

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