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By , on June 6, 2010

C Word

Finally:  today my blood report shows non-zero white cell counts.  My neutrophils are at 80.  They have to be at 500 for me to be released.  There’s only the one data point so far so there’s no trend line.  But the doc is “cautiously optimistic” about meeting my deadline.

I definitely feel better today.  I did the hallway tour by myself in the morning, did some stretching even.  It’s a-happenin’ …

15 Comments to “Non-zero”

  1. Diego says:

    Bob, you can narrow it further to the inventors of it!

    And my congratulations for:
    1) The awesome increase in your cell figures
    2) The match against the English team

  2. rlbob says:

    Diego: well, that narrows it down to six teams …

  3. Diego says:

    Simply magnificent (I love this word, and more when I have the opportunity to use it for events that really deserve it!)

    On the football (yes, it *is* football), let me say it as it shall be: “La Copa es nuestra!”

  4. Brendan Bellina says:

    It’s a great thing.

  5. KevinM says:


  6. Bill C says:

    Great news Bob! I’ll share it with the rest of the family. See you on the outside. Bill

  7. SteveO says:

    Such great news! I am really glad to hear it. Know that you are in my thoughts a lot, sending positive healing energy your way… 8^)

  8. Lucy says:

    Portugal? Are you mad? This is Africa’s year – I’m hoping Cameroon can hang in till the end.

  9. Asbed says:

    So even stem cells want to watch FIFA!
    W0000000000000000000t! :)

  10. Wendy says:

    I’m really glad to hear your news. You’re on your way!

  11. Judith says:

    Yay yay yay-yay-yay YAY!!! I’m so happy – excellent news, Bob.

  12. Renee Shuey says:

    Tell those cells if they get working today I think I can score some World Cup “stuff” from someone attending on June 11. How cool is that! 😉 We’ll see what my son can get for you and kxm.

  13. Renee Shuey says:

    I knew it would happen today! Woot woot! Excellent news!!!!!

  14. RW Bob says:

    Woo HOO!

    80 >> 0 !


  15. =JeffH says:

    awesome news!!! [ the cheering section goes nuts ]



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